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Thank you for visiting the new Quantock Models web site.My name is Norman Solomon and I have been a professional builder of model railway layouts for over 30 years. My specialality is tracklaying, which I have done on layouts throughout the world, some of which have been featured in various model railway magazines. This site is new and fairly basic at present. However, with the assistance of Pete Llewellyn from C&L Finescale Modelling, we hope to gradually add further content, including featrues on some of the layouts that I have built, as well as modelling tips and hints for those who enjoy tracklaying. Please visit the site regulary to see the updates.

A Message from Pete at C&L

"Norman has only advertised his work once, many years ago. He relies on word of mouth for recommendations regarding new work. However, not wishing to be completley left behind in this online world of ours, Norman asked me to give him some help in setting up a presence on the web. As you can imagine, with Norman's reputation of excellence he is always really busy and therefore does not have any spare time to devote to making a web site! I offered to help as Norman is a good friend of mine, as well as a supplier to my own business (he makes the C&L Common Crossing, Vees and Tie bars). I have helped to create this site and once Norman has had a chance to review it, I am sure that he will want some changes to be made! As well as that more content will be added in due course. However it has has taken Norman over 30 years to decide that he should have his own web site and so we are not intending to exactlky go at this in any great rush - it would just not be Norman's style!"

If you don't have the time to achieve your dream layout, let Norman build all or most of it for you!

More of Norman's handiwork



It's not just track either!

Norman can build anything that you require on your layout be it the basebaords, buildings, scenery, electrics, control panel etc. He has built layouts all over the world and his work has featured in the model railway press more times than he cares to remember!

He attends a number of model railway exhibitions each year in his role as a deomonstrator. He uses C&L components in the main and probably has more experience of using them than anyone else around.


If you have a question, why not pop along to a show and ask him personally.


A list of the shows that he will be attending will appear here shortly


Does your track look this good?

This photo is a good example of the standard and complexity of track laying that Norman achieves.


Of course your layout does not have to be this complicated - Norman is just as happy laying plain track and just the odd turnout! However, his professionalism really comes to the fore when you see his work on some of the larger layouts that he has been involved with.


More photos will appear to illustrate this shortly..



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